Cromarty Lighthouse 1998 Gaelic Chapel 1998 St Anns, Church St - 1998 East Church - 1998 The Brewery - 1998 Gordons Lane Hugh Miller's Statue East Church - Interior - 1998 Cromarty to Nigg Ferry - 1998 Episcopal Church - 1998 Bellevue, Church St - 1998 St Regulus Graveyard - 1998 Signpost at east end of Shore St - 1998 James Thomson's Birthplace Seabank House, Shore St - 1999 Lighthouse and Coastguard Station from the Links School Group - c1910 Cromarty Tennis Club c1930? Tennis group c1910 Tennis Group - c1910 Fishertown Family Group - c1920?? Robertson's Lodge - c1910 Cromarty Town Pipe Band - c1939? Harbour Awash - 1998 School and surroundings from South Sutor - 1998 The Paye and Paye House - 1998 The South Sutor from Shore St - Winter 1998 View of Cromarty looking east - c1902 Hugh Miller's Centennial - 1902 War graves by Gaelic Chapel - 2002 Natal Service Graves in Gaelic Chapel Churchyard Rig off Cromarty dwarfing the Ferry - 1998 QE2 leaving the firth - 1998 Looking up the Little Vennel toward Bellevue Sun setting on the Royal Hotel - 2000 St Ann's on Church St - 2000 A new day dawning over Cromarty - 2002 John Macdonald Dolphins off Eathie beach - 1997 Dolphins with Cromarty in the background. Harold Hossack's house on Gordons Lane One of the Corrugated Iron houses on the Links Looking down the Little Vennel - 1997 Fishertown Beach - looking east Lighthouse, Coastguard Station and Gun - c1916 Family group at McFarquhar's Bed - c1916 West Church (Free Church) before the fire - c1916 Boats in the harbour - c1980 Harbour - c1918 Gaelic Chapel - c1916 Clumsy on the beach below fishertown c1983 Gaelic Chapel Graveyard looking east Cromarty Firth Survey Cromarty Firth - the first oil tanker Cromarty Firth Fishing Boat Blockade Gordons Lane - roof repairs Nigg Rig Yard - first launch Sutors View - Shore Street Seabank, Shore Street Cromarty Sutor - view to Invergordon Hugh Millers Cottage Lydia Cottage Light and Snow in Church Street Snowball fight in Church Street Hugh Miller Standing Stone Looking North Hugh Miller Standing Stone - Looking East West Church afer the fire Schoolchildren - c1953 Schoolchildren - c1957?? Stonemason at the Hugh Miller Bicentennial Celebra Fishertown Craft Shops Denny Road - before Townlands houses View from Cromarty Harbour Bottom of Big Vennel Oswald Lane from Seabank Cottages Fishertown cottages Church St - c1910??? Aerial shot of the School - c1950??? Shore St - c1910??? Children swimming in the Harbour - c1930?? Igloo in Townlands Park - 2003 A Peek at Cromarty from the South Sutor - 1920?? Avenue of trees down to McFarquhar's Bed View of the Sutors from behind the Courthouse View of Cromarty from Gallow Hill View of Cromarty from the beach Entrance to the Wash Old Tolbooth and Carnegie Library The Lighthouse, Cromarty The tunnel to Cromarty House View of Bank Street Cromarty In the Fishertown, Cromarty Bag nets drying on the links - c1960 Looking down the Big Vennel - c1910??? Funeral procession in Church St - c1916?? Disperser Funeral Procession Flood damage in Oswald Lane Major flood damage in Oswald Lane Coupers Naval Contractors Shop D.R.McKenzie's Iron Mongery Store Workshops in Townlands field beside West Church Tea Shop in Bank Street Sandilands House Spectators at Cromarty Regatta c1930?? Miss Cromarty King and Queen Round Britain Waterplane Flight Church Street, Cromarty Old shop and Phonebox in Church Street View of West Church The War Memorial View of St Anns from Little Vennel View of cottage in Little Vennel View of the Sutors Picture of the harbour The Ailsa SS Sutors in Cromarty Harbour The Ailsa at end of harbour Group picture of soldiers Soldiers parading on the links Men holding a Trophy Boats pulled up on Beach Bowling Green Cromarty Captain Watson of the Ailsa Dick Whittington HMS Natal HMS Natal 2 Unusual picture showing rooftops Old picture of Victoria Park The Ailsa arriving at the harbour Yachts at the local Regatta McFarquhars Bed Fish Market Navy Men marching down the High Street Remains of North Sutor Wire Bridge Group of Dignatories 1938 View of harbour from Lighthouse Cromarty and Dingwall Railway Painting of Cromarty from the West Big Vennel at the turn of the Century Flood damage in front of Brewery c1940 Flood damage by Burnside Flood Damage Flood Damage on the Denny The Denny Railway Opening Cutting the first sod The town from the South Sutor The Denny taken from 'Rosenberg' Cromarty Lifeboat - 1955 Family group on the harbour bridge Cromarty from the West Aerial view of the town from the West The Hemp Factory Buildings (Picture 1) The Hemp Factory Buildings (Picture 2) The Hemp Factory Buildings (Picture 3) Aerial photo from above the harbour. Four men Bathers Aerial view of the town from the East Battleships entering the Firth Bellevue House Sketch of the Corner Shop in Church Street Flood damage in front of Oswald Lane The Graeme family on the steps of Bellevue Aerial view of the Harbour Old Sailing ship by harbour Highland Cattle - c1937 New bridge being put in place New map of town Harbour and Roadstead The Harbour and Fleet in Cromarty A Sailors Funeral St Regulas Church with Tower The Harbour, Cromarty Old town map Harbour View - c1960 Unusual sunrise John Macdonald - c 1927 Macdonald family group - c1927 Macdonald family group - c1927 Courthouse Jailblock The Courthouse Bell High St - c1960?? The Cromarty Rose Church Street (devoid of any cars). Church Street (devoid of any cars). Cromarty taken from the top of the North Sutor Picture of the Natal and Sister Ships by Sutors Little Hugh Miller Vignette in East Church Vignette in East Church Locals dressed in period costume Local (Beryl) dressed in period costume Locals dressed in period costume Willie Hogg - 2003 Shetland Pony on the Links - 2003 Galaxy III leaves the firth - 2003 Galaxy III leaving Cromarty - 2003 93 Little Vennel Cleaning fishing nets by the Salmon Bothy. Tommy Sailor's House Hugh Miller Sundial Church St from Forsyth Place - c1910 Inverness - Cromarty bus on fire - 2003 Inverness - Cromarty bus on fire - 2003 Burnt out Bus - 2003 Lookout tower just before rebuilding - 2003 Lookout tower before rebuilding - 2003 Big Vennel - c1900 Big Vennel - c1965 Aerial Picture of the Royal Hotel Aerial Picture of the Royal Hotel Old picture of the High Street The Fleet in the Cromarty Firth Royal Visit in 1964 Royal Visit in 1964 Sea Planes by the Links - 1913 Duchess of Gloucester naming new Lifeboat The Queen arriving at Cromarty Harbour Esther (Alice) Hossack - 1930 Alexander Finlayson (Puffer) - c1930 Regatta Spectators - c 1930 View from the Manse - c1960 Storm on Shore St - 1983 Cromarty Harbour - c1903 Cromarty Fish Market Big Vennel Prince Charles Visits Cromarty Cromarty House Cromarty Sutors from behind the Courthouse Little Vennel Fishing Activity Cromarty Harbour Line Baiting Church St - middle - c1900 Shore St. from between Vennels Cromarty High Street Grandmother & Grandsons Daniel Hossack 1871 - 1934 New Blood Old Tennis Courts - c1910 Broadband Aerial Installation - 2003 Opening of Cromarty Broadband - 25/3/2003 Opening of Cromarty Broadband - 25/3/2003 Gala Week Fancy Dress Parade - c1969 Gala Week Fancy Dress Parade - c1969 The Links - c1970 The Saga - c1906 East Church - c1909 Fleet at Rest in the Cromarty Firth Princess Anne opening the CAYP Centre Cromarty Skatepark - c2002 The World - Cruise liner passing Cromarty - 2002 Pont's Map - c1590 Bathers on Marine Terrace - c1969 Salmon Fishers - c1975 View of lookout tower - c1969 HiFab hostesses - c1973 Gaelic Chapel - c1920 Military Procession in High St - c1910 Sailor's Funeral on Bank St - c1910 Cromarty House - c1918 HMS Hood off Cromarty - c1920 Guns outside the Coastguard Station - c1916 The Cannon outside the Lighthouse - c1920 Robert Clyne, Lighthousekeeper - c1920 Chart of Robert Clyne's posts - c1916 The upturned hull of HMS Natal - c1916 Cromarty Lighthouse Burning Boat Cromarty from the west Cromarty from the Hill Cromarty from the East At the North Sutor North Sutor Stacks Hugh Miller Cottage Hugh Miller Monument Cromarty Courthouse Fisher Girls Eathie Burn Gaelic Chapel Eathie Waterfall High Street Gordons Lane Big Vennel MacFarquhar's Bed Ruth Davidson and brother on beach School Picture 1916 Cromarty Football Club - 1962 Cromarty Links & Lighthouse James Reid 1863 - 1943 Marine Terrace - c1984 The Enterprise Boat Cromarty Lifeboat The links showing the Curling Pond - c1959 Salmon Nets on Links from Braehead The Eilean Dubh Peter and Judith Bird - c1962 The Kessock Ferry McFarquhars Bed Royal Yacht Brittania Salmon Nets on the Links School Photograph 1926 School Photograph 1927 School Photograph 1935 School Photograph 1936 School Photograph 1916? School Photograph 1920? Girl Guides Rowers Rosehaugh entering the harbour - 2003 Fleet Entering Firth 'The World' entering the Firth - 2002 Cromarty Boat Club - Lookout Cromarty Harbour panorama Panorama from the harbour Woman talking outside Hugh Millers Cottage Picture of Hugh Millers Cottage circa 1960 Hugh Millers Cottage circa 1938 Plexus Media unveiling their new product - 2003 Plexus Media Office - 2003 Brownie Hut demolished Beech Avenue at MacFarquhar's Bed PTA sponsored cycle to Jemimaville - 24th May 2003 MacFarquhar's Bed Cromarty Harbour, looking west towards Dingwall Clunes and The Kennels Aerial view of Harbour - 1998 Professor Brown-Morton at the Brewery Piper entertaining the crowd near Gaelic Chapel Cromarty Bike Rally 2003 Cromarty Bike Rally 2003 - from Dairy Cromarty Bike Rally 2003 - from Denny Road Old Mission Hall - 2003 Old Mission Hall - 2003 Old Mission Hall - 2003 Old Mission Hall - Interior - 2003 Eclipse from South Sutor - 2003 Eclipse from South Sutor - 2003 Submarine passing Nigg Beach - 27th June 2003 Sunrise over the Sutors - Easter 2003 Cromarty from the air - 26th July 1981 Primary School Sports Day - 2003 Primary School Sports Day - 2003 Primary School Sports Day - 2003 Aerial view of Cromarty - c1988 The Wind Surf - 2003 East Church - c1900 Eathie salmon fisher's bothie - 2003 Standpipe on Shore St - c1940 Crowds at Review of the Fleet - 1957 Cycling Proficiency at School - c1960 Family at the rear of Bellevue Ceremony outside of the Courthouse Dignitaries outside of Courthouse Dunn's Tea Shop Fisherman pulling in the nets Fishing Nets in front of Sutors Two men in St Regulus' Graveyard Mr Fraser in front of Shoe Shop Mr Fraser in front of Shoe Shop with Family? Small boy in Bayview Crescent Donald McBean dressed as a red indian Roallan McBean and Pony John McBean and Dod McLemman Cromarty Regatta 2003 Cromarty Harbour - Regatta 2003 Girl Racers at the 2003 Cromarty Regatta John (the Milk) McBean at the Cromarty Regatta Cromarty Regatta traffic RNLI stand at the 2003 Cromarty Regatta Michael & Aliya Royde at the 2003 Cromarty Regata RNLI stand at 2003 Cromarty Regatta Ewen Gillies in 1942 Michael or Erwin Roehling with large fish. Mrs Calder at St. Anns, Church Street. Boats in Cromarty harbour Relaxing at the Salmon Bothy - Jimmy 'Toot' Hogg, and Isaac MacPhee Eric Malcom's cottage 1969 Provost Ross Alison Dunn working in pottery Mrs Barwell in her shop Cromarty Baker 1969 Salmon Fishing 1969 Dr David Alston and Mrs Jean Newell - Regatta 2003 Captain Hill and his Books - Regatta 2003 Fat Sam starts the race - Reagatta 2003 Robert Hogg - Regatta 2003 Start of the Race  - Regatta 2003 Flat out for Home - Regatta 2003 'Plane crash at Allerton Farm - 1944 Allerton Farm - 1967 & 2003 Kitchen at 31 Bank St - 2003 Clarke print of Cromarty Clarke print close-up North Sutor in January - 2003 Gillian Newman painting her chimney Hugh Cherry! Hugh Miller 1802-2002 & Pete Clunas McBean family - farmers in Cromarty - 1937 Philip MacDonald dives over the slip - 9/8/03 Russels and Eastwoods - c1930 60 Church St - c1930 Cyclists - c1930 Nancy & Willie Skinner - c1935 Eastwood family group - c1933 Eastwood Family - c1932 Fancy Dress - c1934 Children selling poppies - c1936 Children selling poppies - c1936 Cromarty from the Sutor - c1910 Three girls - c1932 Salmon Fishers Cromarty Roof Top Veiw High Tide on Shore Street Nigg Ferry the Fisher Scene in the Big Vennel Bathie Family Group Pipers in Victoria Park Bank St - 1910 Scaffolding on Courthouse - c1990 Gaelic Chapel - c1905 Youth Club Trip to Nigg - c1983 Cromarty Boys Brigade Football Team - c1983 Macdonald's Shop - 1962 'Eva and Johnny's Shop - High St - c1962 Strange Paving on the links Cromarty from the Hill High Street Cromarty School Photograph - 1961 Church St - c1950? Lighthouse and Coastguard Station - c1945 Queen's visit - 1964 Sitting on the sea wall - c1980 Cromarty Territorial Pipe Band - c1938 Gaffer MacKenzie - c1939 Cromarty Football Club - c1939??? Shore St - c1900??? School Photograph - c1915? Cromarty Harbour In the Fishertown, Cromarty Cromarty Cricket Team - c1938 The Legion - c1985 The Links - c1980 View from the west showing a jacket at Nigg Cromarty Football Club - c1998 Nancy Skinner & George Eastwood - c1937 Lazy Corner - c1985 Gala Week Fancy Dress Parade - 1985 Piper at dedication of Plaque - 1983 Harbour mouth - c1989 Lifting Tatties - c1955 Cromarty School - 2003 Postcard taken from Icehouse - c1900 Church St - c1900 Gordons Lane - c1900 Beautiful Baby Competition at 2003 Regatta Duchess of Gloucester's Visit - 1956 Cromarty History Society - 2003 Aerial view of Lighthouse - 1974 Albert Watson - c1968 East Church - c1900 Courthouse Postcards - c1900, c2000 Poyntzfield House - c1906 The Lifeboat Crew during the Servus rescue - 1959 Babs' Wedding - 1947 Pesentation to Masonic Veteran - c1985 Primary 2 - 1950 Harbour Water Colour Harbour Water Colour Permit to access South Sutor - 1941 Lifeboatmen Presentation - 1960 The Harbour - 1902 Ships in the harbour - 1902 Naming of the RNLB James Macfee - 1931 Dignitaries at Naming Ceremony - 1931 Wreck of the Servus - 1959 Danny McBean delivering milk - c1936 School Photograph - 1951 School Photograph - 1948 Lifeboat at Regatta - 1960 Lifeboat at Regatta - c1950 Lifeboat beached for cleaning - c1960 Albert Watson receiving medal - 1960 Looking down Little Vennel - c1899 Bottom of Bank St - c1910 The harbour - c1910 Map of Cromarty - 1871 Cattle and a sheep on High St - c1960 Bärbel Dister at bakery. Bonfire Night 2003 Fireworks from Barkly Street Bonfire Night 2003, gathering crowd Cromarty Higher Grade School - 1935 ELF Platform launching form Nigg The first QE2 visit to the Cromarty Firth Cromarty Football Club - 1955 Steam Engine leaving Newton Farm Harvester being used at Eathie farm Miller Platform?